Nigerians may have their hope of having access to good health delivery service dimmed if series of complaints by many patients who accuse many Nigerian hospitals of wrong diagnosis are anything to go by.

Ordinarily, patients who go to the hospital would first want to know the nature of their ailments, but when they realise in the end that they were wrongly examined in the first place, they begin to lose confidence in the nation’s public health system.

Today’s program started with a complainant complaining about her health issue and her experience at a Nigerian hospital 16:00 sec Daniel Ikhille, among others, also narrated their own experience at Nigerian Hospitals 34:45 sec

Tears filled our eyes the moment the paralyzed family members from Nassarawa were brought to the studio and interviewed 1:20:38 sec Vice President liaison in tears 1:31:00 sec The ordinary President Ahmad Isah promised to take care of the complainant’s medical bills 1:49:30 sec You can’t afford to miss any part of the program, it is heart touching, educative and inspiring. Watch till the end as the cat is let out of the bag.


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