The Ordinary President Ahmad Isah starts the program by making emphasis on the side effects of the intervention of International Communities on Africans development. 12:45 sec And later gave a sermon on “Parental Upbringing” and the effects on the society.

20:41 sec Praises was showered on FCT Minister and hinted on INEC visit to the station tomorrow. 30:45 sec The SERVICOM and FCT Education Secretariat representatives were duly introduced.

41:30 sec The representatives of FCT Education Secretariat discusses the general concern about cultism in both primary and secondary schools, creating conducive environment and promoting moral values in our schools.

45:55 sec Police IG liaison talk about the alarming rate of immoralities in our schools. 1:40:25 sec The Ordinary President Ahmad Isah showcase the damage done by electricity to a PHCN staff. 1:42:50 sec The program ends by the introduction of the resource persons in the Brekete Academy.


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