Brekete Family Program >> 3rd May, 2019

It was very pathetic when a case of a widower against Dangote Group to Brekete Family alleging that one of their truck kill his wife on her way to village, and the case opened the eyes of the public to the ills of the society that widower also passed through after the demise of their wife. The Ordinary President in his magnanimity promised to help the man contact the company and also attend to his health issues.

Brekete Family Programme >> 26th April, 2019

He later make a reference to an interview that was conducted in Dubai that dealt a heavy blow on the situation in our country Nigeria as regards to leadership problem and he reiterate the fact to Brekete Family that the problem is not for those at the top alone but we should all check any position we find ourselves and try to be good to all our followers.

Brekete Family Programme >>> 19th April, 2019

In the absence of our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah, our amiable Suleiman Abdulrazaq a.k.a. Akramakallah and Comfort Okpere a.k.a. Complete Package and an advice was given to Brekete Family to use most of our energy to do good things and stop complaining about issue of life. To be useful to oneself is better used for positive impacts than to be dueling on negativity.

Brekete Family Programme >> 12th April, 2019

A member of Brekete Family in diaspora was introduced into the program and was compelled by the Ordinary President to take his place and make presentation and he appreciate the effort of the Ordinary President on putting smile on peoples face through all the programs being organized by the Brekete Family program.

Brekete Family Programme 5th April, 2019

A lot of cases was treated in today’s program like the lady that her mum was ill-treated by an Indian Hospital and she called into Brekete Family to show appreciation to the Ordinary President on the role he played towards her getting justice and his effort and magnanimity.

Brekete Family Program >> 29th March, 2019

Religion sentiments have been rooted in our society and it’s causing havoc to our development as a nation, the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah advice the Brekete Family to desist from any form of sentiments so that the country can move forward.

Brekete Family Programme 22nd March, 2019

The rate at which the masses in this country hate each other is alarming; the statement is credited to our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah as he preaches peaceful co-existence among the masses in Nigeria and also gave advice to the youth to do away with gossips and to be up and doing in their daily endeavor and not to joke with their life because hard work and perseverance will always help you to achieve your goals in life.

Brekete Family Programme >> 15th March, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues. Akaramakallah started today's program...

Brekete Family Programme 8th March, 2019

The Brekete family resource person was introduced. The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah later took over the program with an advice to the general public. Pharmacist Zainab made a call to the program.

Brekete Family Programme 1st March, 2019

Today's program is anchored by both Comfort Okpere and Suleiman Abdulrazak. After a sweet introduction of the program by Comfort Okpere, she advised everyone to channel their effort towards what they love and enjoy doing.
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