Brekete Family Program >> 13th May, 2019

He later showered encomium on the new Inspector-General of Police for his steadfastness in solving the problem of insecurity in Nigeria and bear his mind on the issue of State police that some Nigerians a clamouring for as the solution to Nigeria’s insecurity challenges. And the IG liaison to Brekete Family also made some presentation on the issue of State Policing.

Brekete Family Programme >> 29th April, 2019

Alternative dispute resolution was a discuss of the day and the representatives of Abuja Chambers of Commerce made a presentation based on their functionalities and their roles in dispute resolution. The Brekete Family Smart City also was presented by Consultant Iyke and the Ordinary President introduced some Students of Brekete Academy to end the program.

Brekete Family Programme >> 15th April, 2019

As usual our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah starts the program by advising all to shun the act of laziness and beg all avoid procrastination which is the thief of time, because what you do now will be useful for you to be productive tomorrow.

Brekete Family Programme 1st April, 2019

It is very essential for us all in the country to love our country because it is the country of our birth and we have no other country as our fatherland no matter how long we sojourn in any other country in the world. These are words of wisdom from our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah to the Brekete family members and to all of us in Nigeria as a whole and he later reiterate his fact that praying for one’s country is a must for all the citizens and it must be done on daily basis.

Brekete Family Program >> 25th March, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Brekete family Program >> 18th March 2019

Brekete Family, Ordinary President, Human Rights Radio

Brekete Family Programme 11th March, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Brekete Family Programme 4th March, 2019

The program was anchored by our amiable Suleiman Abdulrazaq a.k.a. Akramakallah and Comfort Okpere and an advise was given to the general publicon the issue of using the best of opportunities.

Brekete Family Programme 25th February, 2019

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah commence the program by giving advice to the general public to get used to being positive in their ways of life.

Brekete Family Programme, 18th February, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.
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