Brekete Family Program >> 2nd May, 2019

As of late, two Nigerians were captured in Saudi Arabia and wrongly blamed for being drug messengers, then, these drugs were planted in their packs by some drug cartels in Nigeria without their assent. The two who are Zainab Aliyu and an old man of around 80 years of age were captured and confined since December 2018 by Saudi authorities. The former was discharged after such huge numbers of tumults and challenges by Nigerians and numerous associations around the globe and after which her honesty was demonstrated. As per some unverified reports, the later was prior moved to an obscure jail however at this point with the Nigerian department in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that, his discharge has not been affirmed yet but rather we trust he'll be discharged as the drug cartels have been captured.

Brekete Family Programme 24th October 2019

The Voice of the Voiceless


The Voice of the Voiceless

Brekete Family Program >> 9th May, 2019

For the purpose of accountability the former governor of Kogi Sate His excellency Idris Wadda was in Brekete Family studio to get a response from the present governor which was absent and the Ordinary President in his wisdom excuse the former governor from the studio because the present governor was absent and a call was placed to him with no response.

Brekete Family Program >> 29th August, 2019

The voice of the voiceless

Brekete Family Program >> 18th July, 2019

The voice of the voiceless

Brekete Family Program >> 27th June, 2019

The voice of the voiceless

Brekete Family Program >> 22nd August, 2019

The voice of the voiceless

Brekete Family Programme >>> 18th April, 2019

The program started with advise from The Ordinary President to all Nigerians, However an update on the case of the girl who ignorantly took steroid for about 8 months was given as some of her family members felt unconcerned about her condition and no one among them is ready to go stay with her in the hospital despite the fact that her medical bills have been paid by Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah. Suleiman Abdulrazak popularly known as Akaramakallah talks about his encounter with one of the family members on phone and how unconcerned they reacted to the matter. Nevertheless, all these can not stop The voice of the voiceless from helping the extra-ordinary citizens.


The Voice of the Voiceless.
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