Brekete Family Programme 7th March, 2019

Drama as the ordinary president demonstrates election with IG Liaison and Comfort Okpere Complainants are selected randomly to lay their complaints

Brekete Family Programme 14th February, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Brekete Family Programme 14th March, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.


Brekete Family is a reality radio and television program focused on human rights. It airs on Human Rights Radio & TV Station, 101.1 FM in Abuja, Nigeria. And we stream online through social media platforms. Like, Subscribe and follow us on all our media handles.


The Ordinary President Ahmad Isah introduces the program by giving advice on issues.

Brekete Family Program >> 28th March, 2019

Brekete Family Program is a reality talk magazine program that tackles human right issues. Today's program featured Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Consumers Protection Commission, and some professional Bio-technologists.

Brekete Family Programme >> 25th April, 2019

There was a blackmail on Brekete Family by a whatsapp user that relates to religion sentiments, though the Ordinary President read it to the whole world but he was advise to shun it because it comes from haters that are envious of the good works he is doing.

Brekete Family Program >> 2nd May, 2019

As of late, two Nigerians were captured in Saudi Arabia and wrongly blamed for being drug messengers, then, these drugs were planted in their packs by some drug cartels in Nigeria without their assent. The two who are Zainab Aliyu and an old man of around 80 years of age were captured and confined since December 2018 by Saudi authorities. The former was discharged after such huge numbers of tumults and challenges by Nigerians and numerous associations around the globe and after which her honesty was demonstrated. As per some unverified reports, the later was prior moved to an obscure jail however at this point with the Nigerian department in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that, his discharge has not been affirmed yet but rather we trust he'll be discharged as the drug cartels have been captured.

Brekete Family Programme >> 11th April, 2019

The case of an old retiree of Nigeria Army was treated and the Ordinary President calls on the Nigeria Military Pension Board which one of their representatives promised to help him retrieve all his outstanding pensions. Also, the case of a widow that her late husband works with Nigeria Prisons was treated, her husband family took over all the properties he left behind, so the Ordinary President made a call to the PRO Nigeria Prison Service and he promised to help the widow retrieve all the properties so that she will be able to take care of her children.

Brekete Family Programme 21st February, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.
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