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Brekete Family Programme >> 23rd April, 2019

The IG liaison made a presentation to the Brekete Family as to the message from the police IG and Madam Jumai of FCT call Center called into Brekete Family program to intimate the general public on her forthcoming Fish Farming training that will soon commence.

Brekete Family Programme >> 16th April, 2019

The program started with the case of a Nigerian senior citizen who worked for Ethiopian embassy and then got strike with stroke but unfortunately wasn't paid off by the Ethiopian embassy. According to his son who spoke on his behalf, the sickness got him while he was still in service but was abandoned by the Ethiopian embassy

Brekete Family Programme 9th April, 2019

A retiree of Nigeria Customs made a complaint about how his pension was not paid by the government organization in-charge of pension called PTAD and the Ordinary president made a call to the PRO Nigeria Customs and he immediately order for the man and promised to act on the issue.

Brekete Family Programme 2nd April, 2019 (SERVICOM Helpdesk)

Brekete Family Program is a talk magazine program that tackles human right issues. Today's program featured Brekete Family Program life time partner, SERVICOM and Independent Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC)

Brekete Family Program >> 26th March, 2019

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere Giving a child a proper upbringing saves the name...

Brekete family Program >> 19th March 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Brekete Family Programme 12th March, 2019

The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah starts the program by giving advice to the general public on issue of being proactive and be...

Brekete Family Programme 5th March, 2019

The ordinary president Dr. Ahmad Isah calls on the public especially those who are married to seek advice in their marriage when need be instead of keeping silent or blaming others for their problems

Brekete Family Programme 26th February, 2019

Today's program started with a mouthwatering presentation and introduction by the complete package herself, Extraordinary Comfort Okpere a.k.a the treble voice and her Co-Anchor Sulaiman Abdulrazak a.k.a Akaramakallah

Brekete Family Programme 19th February, 2019

The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah starts the program by giving advice to men on their relationship and issues of family and marriage. The DG SERVICOM was introduced and she introduced the representatives of JAMB.
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