The Brekete Family program for today is being dedicated to Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and the Ordinary President Ahmad Isah gave our leaders advice on the lopsidedness of the government officials and he thoroughly highlight issues of godfatherism in Nigeria.

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

He also advise us through Brekete Family program on the ways we can get value out of our individual life without solely depending on our educational certificates, and that the most important thing is to have confidence in ourselves and discover the value in us instead of total dependence on western education.

Complainants and Members of Brekete Family

A call was made from Brekete Family Program to INEC officials based on the issuance of PVC and Customs officials and Nigerians were notify at the alarming rate at which our natural resources e.g. Timbers were been exported outside of the country.

Woman with Land Case

The first case of the day from Brekete Family Program is the case of a woman that paid a certain amount of money to buy land from a developer in Abuja environ and for almost six years till now the land has not been acquired and the money yet to be refunded.

The student from Madonna University

The second case from Brekete Family Program is of a student of MADONNA UNIVERSITY, which doesn’t have the capacity to complete her education at the institution due to lack of financial support from the family and also, the institution imbalance policy create a lot of havoc on the lady’s completion of her academic career.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah And Popular Actor Francis Duru

The final case from Brekete Family Program involves a corps member serving with NYSC that was rejected from his place of primary assignment because he was visually impaired but the Ordinary President Ahmad Isah in his magnanimity absorb the corps member into the Human Rights Radio to complete his service year.

The visually impaired NYSC member

The Brekete Family resource persons, Mr Anthony Ogie in-charge of Satellite Installation and Mr Adus Micheal in-charge of ICT capacity building training introduces their program schedule respectively.

The Brekete Family Program ended well with the lesson to be our brother’s keeper and believe in ourselves, so as to have a good and reliable future and a better Nigeria which we all look forward to.


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