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A Woman denied Justice For Her Husband’s Murder Because of Papers

A very touching story is shared in this video as the woman seated narrates her ordeal. According to her, she had lived with her late husband in Abuja before she left for the village where she was, when she received a call from her husband’s close friend telling her her husband is dead. Rushing back to Abuja, she went straight to where she learnt he was killed and was told the police had taken his corps.

Going to the station to investigate what happened, she allege the DPO directed her to the CIG where she saw suspects to the acclaimed murder case being interrogated. But the suspects who were in their late teenage, claimed her husband wasn’t caught with any stolen property except for one of the suspect who claimed to have caught her husband and someone with a stolen rod. Following what he said, they claimed his statement doesn’t add up but one amongst the suspect also said, her husband died from the scratches of the police dogs.

She had listen from outside to here all the interrogation as she wasn’t invited inside. Getting to her turn, she was asked if her husband who’s a Lebanese has a legal paper for being in Nigeria which she admitted to but lost it while living in Nigeria.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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