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This video contains the account of Abraham Jimoh, who claimed that in January 2023, upon returning from the Netherlands, he deposited five thousand euros into his domiciliary account at Sterling Bank in Kaduna. According to him, this money was meant for his upcoming  school fees in the United Kingdom and that it is due in September of the same year (2023).

When the time came to make the payment, he approached the bank to convert the euros into the required currency (Pounds). However, the bank informed him that they couldn’t provide the desired amount in the specified currency. In his pursuit of currency exchange at another branch of the same bank, Abraham alleges that the bank issued him counterfeit euro notes. Unaware of this, he entrusted the fake currency to a friend for the school fees payment in the United States, resulting in potential legal repercussions for his friend.

Frustrated by the bank’s lack of action, Abraham sought help from the Brekete Family to obtain justice in this matter, as the bank seemed unresponsive to the gravity of the situation at hand.

Consultant Iyke put a call across to the bank to get their own side of the story, after several calls without any response from the bank, he suggest to reach out to the bank after the program before knowing the next step to take in regards to the case.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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