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Today’s program began with a sermon centered on “improving your quality of life” given by Consultant Iyke as he speaks broadly on how to do so with emphasis on increasing personal standard of living. Making reference to many things he says how we as individuals can be contended to improve our quality of living and be happy.

Consultant Iyke began with the update of some elders from Enugu state with a case of land dispute whom were given the case of another land dispute of a family since they’re elders of the same community. According to them, they did their best and discovered the truth behind the family land dispute, speaking in support to the family deserving justice. In regards to their own case that brought them to the Ordinary President, they say the catholic diocese of their community is yet to compensate them for encroaching into their land and they are not even asking for financial compensation but a fair agreement signed between them in the community. Consultant Iyke calls the priest and bishop on air but didn’t get the expected response, then takes a lengthy call from the Ordinary president who contributes to the case currently handled.

Afterwards, Consultant Iyke takes the case of a complainant who alleges to have paid a man for her sisters visa and got a fake visa. In response to the allegation, the accused became available to say his own side of the story which he gave in details that even the Ordinary President calls into the program to give his suggestion so Consultant Iyke concludes the case by handing them over to the police so they settle it in the station.

Then Consultant Iyke proceeds with the case of a man who alleges to have paid over 6million naira for some people to secure a civil defense job. The accused, present to respond to the allegations, agreed to most claims made against him saying, he sent all the money he got to his boss who is suppose to ensure they get the job but that he was also deceived as his boss didn’t secure the job for them and did not refund the money and ever since, his boss have been on the run despite both he and his boss are currently on suspension. Consultant Iyke then gives the complainant and the civil defense team some time to resolve the matter amicably and briefly give the brekete family partners (Agrivest) some time to announce the reality TV show and also host the team of civil defense present in response to the case against civil defense as the program ends for the day.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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