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Consultant Iyke who anchors the program began with a sermon titled (How we take criticism or correction) after giving your best in something, making reference to comments children get from their parents in comparing them to their mates in school likewise statements exchange by spouses living together. Advising everyone to take criticism as feedback that should be appreciated and take correction to improve in life. He takes contribution from members of brekete family in the studio and opens the call lines to take more contribution as he starts to take cases.

The case update, of two women who alleges that they bought their plot of lands from the same person and it happens they got lands that were not genuine, although one of the women claims to have been settled but the other woman alleges that she is yet to be settled so Consultant Iyke calls the man they bought the land from on air to appreciate him and ask for the other woman’s settlement which the man responds to with a deadline. Then was the case of a young man alleging that he suffers dislocation on his hand sustained while in active duty for a company and ever since the company have refused to take care of him as they should. Consultant Iyke calls a staff of the company on air but became disappointed with his response that seems to want the case taken to court so he refers the complainant to a lawyer who calls in to see the complainant and enable him get justice.

Consultant Iyke then takes the case of a man who alleged that he owns a farm in mararaba where a young fulani boy invaded with his cows and in an attempt to assist the boy control his cow out of his farm, he was attacked by the boy and his brothers (who were hiding) narrating sadly how he survived the deadly fight. In response to this, Consultant Iyke calls the police public relation’s officer on air but got no response so he suspends the case until he gets a response from the Nigerian security personnel’s. In bring the program to a close, Consultant Iyke takes the case of a man who alleges to have supplied stationaries worth over 30million naira to the ministry of petroleum resource and have gotten just 5 million naira ever since so Consultant Iyke calls the DFA on air but got no response so he suspends the case till he hears from the ministry to proceed.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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