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Beginning with the morning sermon, Consultant Iyke who anchors the program speaks on the purpose of the brekete family program which he summarizes as to encourage people, saying everyone should make out something meaningful of live. Advising people to collaborate, network and relate well to get solutions to certain problems as no man is an island of knowledge. Advising all to invest in knowledge and gain valuable skills. With regards to this, he introduces the brekete family academy partners, giving them the chance to speak briefly on their training for the public to acquire several skills.

Afterwards, a case update is taken of a woman who alleges to have borrowed money to do a storage business involving buying and selling which she entrusts into the hands of a young man whom she says sold the goods and used the money for his selfish political interest. Reporting the case to the brekete family who intervenes via mediation, they family of the young man promised to pay back in three months time but then she returns to say they are yet to fulfill their promise as she is yet to be refunded her money. Consultant Iyke then calls the Niger state police public relation officer to report the case for immediate action to be taken against them.

Given some time, the brekete family export partners of the Nigerian Export Trade House speaks on their packages in the Nigeria Exporters Hubs encouraging Nigerians to venture into the business as the operators representative extensively speak on the export business. Consultant Iyke proceeds to reads out some comments online then takes a case of a woman who alleges that she was defrauded of 5,000 pounds to get a care giving job in the United Kingdom saying after payment, she didn’t get the job and yet to get her refund.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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