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The program started off with the customary uplifting and heartwarming sermon delivered by Consultant Iyke on the importance of team spirit and it impact it added in lives endeavor. Following the sermon, the program commenced with a report on missing persons, focusing on Mr. Oluyemi Faguleka’s distressing situation. He claimed that his son, a special child with memory loss, usually wandered from home but had always managed to return. Unfortunately, on November 24th, the son left home and hasn’t been seen since. Consultant Iyke urgently appealed to Nigerians, urging them to contact the nearest police station if they spot the 22-year-old, while prayers were offered for a positive outcome.

As the program unfolded, attention shifted to the case of Kenneth Osakwe, who asserted that he had served at the Central Bank of Nigeria since May 1989. However, in August 1993, he was allegedly unjustly dismissed without any prior disciplinary actions or queries during his tenure. Osakwe claimed that he fell ill immediately after his termination and was subsequently arrested by individuals claiming to be from the CBN, accusing him of involvement with a thief. He detailed a troubling sequence of events, including being taken to court without receiving justice.

In addressing the case, Consultant Iyke proposed a temporary suspension until a thorough investigation could be conducted to present the case accurately and fairly.

During the program, a spontaneous inquiry was conducted to gather information about the cases presented by individuals in the studio. The purpose was to determine which case would be featured on air. However, it became apparent that many of the cases couldn’t be broadcast because the individuals involved had not yet contacted the respondents they were accusing in their complaints.

During the course of the program, Consultant Iyke came across a story where a man, referred to as Baba, claimed that his house was unjustly demolished during the tenure of the then Minister of FCT, Nasiru El-Rufai. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that Baba lacked concrete evidence to support his allegations, leading to the dismissal of his case.

Shortly after, Consultant Iyke encountered another individual, also identified as Baba, who asserted that he had worked with the office of the vice president during the period of 1983 to 1993 when the capital was relocated from Lagos to Abuja. This Baba alleged that he had not been compensated since and lacked documentation to substantiate his claim. Similar to the previous case, both Babas’ cases were put on hold for further inquiry due to insufficient evidence.

As the program approached its conclusion, the remaining hours were dedicated to the participation of people in the Diaspora through a telephone-vano segment, particularly on Saturdays. Numerous calls were received, addressing a variety of issues such as passport renewal and challenges faced by those living abroad.

But while this is been done Consultant Iyke happens to listen to the story of one baba that alleged that his house was demolished during the time of then then Minister of FCT Nasiru El-Rufai without concrete reasons as to why that is been done but it turns out that the Baba doesn’t have concrete reasons to back his claims so the case was discarded. after this he went on to listen to another baba who alleged he works with the office of the vice president but in 1983 to 1993 before the Capital was moved from Lagos to Abuja, and that ever since they have refused to pay him and he doesn’t document to back up his claim but his case too along side the other baba was put on hold for further inquiry.

The program came to a close as the remaining hour (s) is dedicated to people in Diaspora to participate in a telephone-vano considering Saturday’s are dedicated to them. So a lot of calls came in ranging from issue of passport renewal to challenges faced by them in abroad.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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