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Following the recitation of the national pledge, the program delved into the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. It was emphasized that the strife was not rooted in religious differences but rather instigated by a group of individuals disturbing the peace in both nations. The overarching theme emphasized throughout was the paramount importance of humanity, and any deviation from this principle was deemed an error.

The initial case recounted a brave bolt driver in Abuja who, despite the prevailing turmoil, fearlessly assisted a victim of a one-chance incident around 9 pm. Unbeknownst to the victim, the incident had occurred on December 13th, with her being declared missing on the 15th. Gratefully, she survived the ordeal, while the other person in the car lost their life.

Subsequently, an update was provided on the case of Mama Adamawa, who had been unjustly accused of witchcraft in her village. With the intervention of the Brekete family, a house was secured for her, and financial support was extended to help her establish a business for ongoing expenses. However, it came to light that Mama Adamawa claimed she had not received any money, bringing attention to potential discrepancies.

The program then highlighted a disturbing case involving a husband and wife who narrowly escaped harm at the hands of an individual posing as a bishop. This imposter, formerly a native doctor from the East now residing in Benue State, deceived and harmed people under the guise of a church leader. The concern was raised about the apparent lack of action from relevant authorities, such as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Acknowledgment was given to the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities for their contribution of one million Naira and various items to support the efforts of the Ordinary President in aiding the physically challenged.

The final segment addressed the plight of National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) staff who, despite their dedicated service and sacrifice, were laid off in 2017 after producing Nigeria’s best national ID card. Some employees had worked for extended periods, ranging from 8 to 18 years, and were only later issued promotion letters after five years. Over 120 staff members were affected, and their heartbreaking experiences were shared on air. In a gesture of goodwill, the Ordinary President provided them with 10 bags of rice and monetary assistance, bringing much-needed relief and smiles to their faces, as it had been a while since they received such support.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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