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The program kicked off with an inspiring and heartwarming sermon by the Ordinary President, setting a positive tone for the day’s proceedings. Following that, the focus shifted towards honoring the fallen heroes of the country, expressing gratitude to the army chief of staff. A special call was made to General Nwachukwu to acknowledge and appreciate his dedicated service to humanity.

The program then delved into the case update concerning one Mr. Jude, who claimed to have worked as a temporary staff at the College of Health Technology Pamshin in Plateau state. Allegedly, despite federal government instructions to absorb the temporary staff, the school opted to replace them with a new set of individuals after several years of loyal service.

The update provided by the representatives of the ADHOC staff revealed that when the old governor handed over to the new governor of Plateau state, the latter discovered irregularities in the employment process, prompting him to put on hold the ongoing employment. And according to the complainant the school called them that they are going to disengage them from the school meanwhile the school is said to be owing them (50) months salary.

Later in the program, attention shifted to another case involving a woman who claimed that her three half-brothers unjustly took possession of the property left behind by their late father for she and her sister. In addressing this matter, Consultant Iyke identified two respondents related to the case.

To initiate proceedings, Consultant Iyke attempted to contact the first respondent, but unfortunately, his phone numbers proved unreachable. Fortunately, the second respondent was successfully reached, and he was invited to present his side of the story. Following a detailed narration and discussion, a resolution was reached, concluding that the respondent would assist the woman in recovering the property.

Then the mic was handed to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection to come talk and educate Nigerians about Consumer Rights and how to fight for their Rights and the role they play between the Producer and Consumer of labor and sundry as usual.

Moving further, the mic again was handed over to the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Cooperation (NDIC) to come talk about what they do and how they operate to help supervise and regulates banks and depositors in the country (Nigeria) to help safe guard their money and also how the bank operates.

The program concluded by addressing the case of a woman who traveled from Kaduna seeking justice for her husband’s shop, which was demolished. She lodged a complaint regarding the refusal to provide the appropriate compensation for the demolished property.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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