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This story captures a case of trust and betrayal by a friend. According to the man who sits to narrate his story, he alleged to have this friend whom he trust so much to leave his money over a million naira in his account hoping to get it back in a later time. He said it started from when he discussed having a tricycle (keke) for hire purchase with his friend who even help him get the person to drive it for him and he said that period happens to also be when he plans getting married so he thought of saving up the money with his friend so he doesn’t spend it knowing how he would be in demand for money at that time. He claims the agreement was sealed with pen on paper for an appointed time.

However, he alleged that there was a time when this his friend actually said his phone got stolen from his shop and four million naira was wiped out of his account which he sympathized with him over. But when he eventually demanded all the money his friend had saved for him, his friend reminded him of the theft he suffered but he didn’t buy into it, still demanding for his money so his friend eventually agreed to give him one of his property he would have sold to pay back as was his own decision. 

Looking as though it had been settled, his friend went behind him to still sell the house given him claiming he would compensate him back in cash which he didn’t do until the  police got involved and help him recover back 500,000 naira but still his friend has been released and yet to pay back the complete balance of what he owns him.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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