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Watch how the young lady sitting beside this woman narrates he reasons for leaving. The elderly woman in this video alleged to have taken the young lady out of pity from her colleague at work who introduced her as an orphan that needs help. According to her she took in the young lady and sponsored her education to the end of her junior secondary school until one of her daughters needed a house help at Akwa-ibom where she sent the young lady to from where she ran away from the family.

The young lady began to speak and she alleged to have been abandoned in the house she was taken to. That she wasn’t going to school, wasn’t receiving salary and felt alone in the world, so she ran away to do something meaningful with her life. To make her dream a reality, she wrote the letter and left it for the aunt before leaving the house.

Watch Video to get full story.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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