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This video delves into the narrative of two brothers who claim that their father passed away on May 13, 2021. Following his demise, a family meeting was convened with various family members and their late father’s friends to discuss the distribution of his assets. According to the brothers, the properties, including an estate in Kano state, were divided among the family members, except for their father’s two companies.

The point of the matter revolves around the fact that the two elder brothers are overseeing these two companies, with the understanding that they would provide an accumulation, either quarterly or annually, to be shared among the 13 sisters and 11 brothers. However, the complainants assert that the two elder brothers are attempting to manipulate and withhold the company’s proceeds without fairly distributing them to the rest of the siblings. The complainants go on to provide a detailed account of their experiences and observations while the companies were under the management of their elder brothers.

They bought their plea to the brekete family to help them get justice.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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