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In this heartfelt video, a mother courageously shares her deeply distressing experience, recounting the tragic loss of her daughter. She recounts the horrifying events that led to her daughter’s untimely demise. The mother painstakingly describes the discovery of a used condom in her daughter’s system, shedding light on the disturbing circumstances surrounding her daughter’s ordeal.

Compounding the tragedy, the mother reveals that her daughter, who was living with diabetes, was allegedly subjected to an overdose by school authorities in an apparent attempt to conceal the true nature of what had happened to her. This added layer of injustice and betrayal only deepens the pain of the family’s loss.

The mother goes on to provide a thorough account of the obstacles they have faced since her daughter’s tragic passing in 2021. She discusses how the school authorities have allegedly obstructed efforts to investigate the matter, making it exceedingly difficult to uncover the root causes of her daughter’s death.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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