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The man in this video brought an allegation against his late brother’s wife who he claims collected his late brother’s benefit and denies it. According to him, he is the next of kin who is meant to get that as he was called by the insurance company and asked to get it but on reaching there for the benefits, he learnt his sister in-law had gotten the benefits which he confronted her about but she denies it. He also claims that his late brother and his sister in-law had separated as a couple before his brother’s demise.

Stating the struggles he and his parents encountered to ensure his brother becomes a medical doctor, he said he wants to get the benefits for his parents not just him and although he lives comfortably, his annoyance is in the denial of his late brother’s wife. Having state out his complaints, his sister in-law was called to hear her own side of the story.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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