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“Our money is not N32-million, it is N75- million”

These men came with a complaint against some police officers whom they alleged had taken their money worth millions of naira. According to one of the men who narrates the story, saying he was with the money in six bags when he was met by two police officers who approached him with a claim that they have been searching for him. Saying how he was arrested and taken somewhere, he exposes some dubious conversations the police officers exchanged until they got to the station where he was told to write a statement which he did and as he calls his partners to meet him in the station.

According to the partners who narrate their own side of the story, they got to the station and were put behind bars having written their own statement. They said the police started making claims of collecting less than what was ceased on returning back their money that got them to involve a lawyer and seek to get justice.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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