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Watch how a family decides over their late father’s inheritance as it all started with the young lady seated amongst other men who happens to be their sister that worked hard to ensure the release of their late father’s benefit after much efforts made by her brothers that proved abortive. According to her, she made so much efforts and expenses with the help of the ordinary president to finally get her late father’s benefit which was eventually paid into her elder brother’s account who alerted her of receiving it when he did, but didn’t mention the exact amount to her. She alleged that they did so saying she is a woman who doesn’t need to know and so requested for her account details to compensate her for her effort while they decided to use the money to complete their late father’s house which he asked them to do on his death bed.

Her brother spoke in response to her allegation saying they appreciated her effort being that she is a woman but also asked for her account details which she refused to send to him. He alleged that his late father asked him and his half brother to ensure they complete the house he stated and that a unanimous agreement was made between him and other siblings in the family to use the money to complete his late father’s house of which they concluded cost 5.6 million naira in total.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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