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The case in this video,  delved into the case  concerning one Mr. Jude, (representing about 65 persons), who claimed to have worked as a temporary staff at the College of Health Technology Pamshin in Plateau state. Allegedly, despite federal government instructions to absorb the temporary staff, the school opted to replace them with a new set of individuals after several years of loyal service.

The update provided by the representatives of the ADHOC staff revealed that when the old governor handed over to the new governor of Plateau state, the latter discovered irregularities in the employment process, prompting him to put on hold the ongoing employment. And according to the complainant the school called them that they are going to disengage them from the school meanwhile the school is said to be owing them (50) months salary.

During the program, the Ordinary President provided the individual in question with a sum of N100,000. This financial support was intended to cover the transportation costs for the other people he is representing. Recognizing that a single person cannot adequately represent over 65 individuals, this assistance was provided to ensure that all parties involved could present the details of their allegations thoroughly. This approach aimed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the issues and enable effective problem-solving.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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