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Watch how this woman narrates her story of what she wanted and paid for compared to what she got. According to her, she allege to have a long time friend who happens to be a car dealer a sum of 1.6 million naira for the purchase of a Honda 2010 model to make her dad mobile. Having agreed with the price and type of car she’s paying for, she saw pictures of the car but couldn’t provide a video of it saying “he knows what is good for her, that he will give her and she will be happy with”.

She finally got the car and realized its an Honda 2007 which is not what she paid as she allege it was also in a bad condition so she returned it back to him requesting her refund but is yet to get back her money as the car dealer keeps giving her stories. This serves as a lesson for everyone to learn from.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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