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The program commenced in its customary fashion, leading into a thought-provoking sermon by the ordinary President. He underscored the unfortunate reality that when wealthy individuals engage in deceit, they often enlist the unwitting support of the less privileged.

An update followed from a group of subcontractors representing over a thousand members, yet the matter was temporarily halted due to a lack of consensus among them. The ordinary President advised them to unify their stance before proceeding. He then digressed to discuss the adverse effects of cashless transactions in Nigeria.

The first case was presented by Madam Stella, whose daughter suffered an adverse reaction to wrongly administered medication at GS S Kuje. Thanks to the intervention of the ordinary President, the child is now responding well to treatment. The school, acknowledging their error, offered the family 500,000 Naira in compensation. Expressing dissatisfaction, Daddy Scaffold criticized the husband for not accompanying his wife to express gratitude for the intervention.

Abdullahi Yakubu provided an update on his case involving mistreatment by a security personnel after his car was condemned following a collision near the Federal Secretariat. The ordinary President assured him of justice.

An update on Grace Joshua’s case followed. The 10-year-old girl, sent from Plateau state to Abuja for a housemaid job, faced maltreatment. The ordinary President’s intervention ensured her safety, and she is set to reunite with her family on December 15. Members of the Ngas association Abuja chapter will accompany her, and a video of her safe return will be sent to Brekete family.

The program concluded with the case of Madam Blessing, represented by Abdul-azeez Shuaibu and Ibrahim Anthony. She accused Pastor Prize F. Aluko of the Resurrected Assembly GROM of withholding her money and belongings. The pastor’s husband refuted the allegations, deeming them false attempts to tarnish his image. The matter was adjourned until Monday, December 18, 2023, pending the submission of evidence to prove the pastor’s innocence.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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