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The program started off with immense enthusiasm from both complainants and the Ordinary President, One recurring phrase, “lazy uncle wetin dey worry you?” became a signature catchphrase, urging individuals to take responsibility for their actions. The Ordinary President passionately spoke against societal norms that are detrimental and encouraged proactive planning rather than delayed action.

To address gender balance, the sermon emphasized the importance of women respecting their husbands, regardless of their financial status, as it contributes to their completeness and perseverance. Advising women against comparing their spouses to others and avoiding gossip, the message aimed to shield them from negative influences.

The first case involved Mr. Uka Agu accusing one Mr. Sam, a former security personnel at Human Rights Radio and Television Brekete family, of neglecting a reported issue with a radio outside for complainants. The second case involved Dr. Otabor of Alliance Hospital, responding to accusations published in Daily Trust about Organ harvesting. After asserting innocence, he was advised to involve security agencies, leading to the arrest of suspects by NAPTIP.

Rifkatu Abas shared her ordeal of falling victim to one-chance fraudsters, leading to a promise from the ordinary President to empower her for a business restart. The program also revisited the case of elders from Owo community in Enugu, obtaining unanimous approval to proceed with the matter and mediate between conflicting parties for peace.

The program came to close with the case of one Ihenacho Ifeoma Peace, alleging mistreatment during her three years of service with road safety. Due to Brekete family’s affiliation with road safety, further investigation was deemed necessary to ensure justice for Ifeoma, pending verification of her claims.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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