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The program began with the morning sermon given by the Ordinary President who anchors the program speaking on the important things that needs to be done to get a positive result. After this, he features the team of skaters who brightens the program with their display of talents as they announce a competition coming up.

In attending to cases, the Ordinary President began with the case of a woman who alleges that her ex-husband took their child from her with a forged letter from the brekete family. Her ex-husband appears in the the studio to respond to the allegation saying his own side of the story. Then is the case of a woman alleging injustice after a sharing formula of her late father’s property which her half brothers began claiming possession of following the death of her own brother who had gotten his own share, she narrates in details how she happens to be from a polygamous home and how it happens that her father dies leaving properties that almost lead to a huge family dispute so Consultant Iyke calls one of the chief on air but gets no response as the line wasn’t going through, he then suspends the case until he hears from the other party.

Then Consultant Iyke who takes over from the Ordinary President to anchor the program take the case of a man who alleges to have been involved in a fatal accident while on duty that results to the amputation of one of his hands and the company have refused to compensate him as they should, in response to his allegation, the company manager present in the studio says his own side adding that the company offers him the opportunity to still work in the company but the complainant refuses to take the company’s offer so Consultant Iyke suspends the case to be resolved when the manager calls the company’s owner. Afterwards Consultant Iyke briefly gives room for advert as he brings the program to a close for the day.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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