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Beginning with a wakeup call to everyone, the Ordinary President gives a sermon on the state of Nigeria, speaking extensively on several subjects for Nigerians to have a change of mindset, he likewise addresses insecurity in the Country. Then he began with the case update of a man who alleges that he was unlawfully dismissed from the Nigerian police force and after bringing his case to the brekete family, they intervened and he got reinstated to work so he returns with gratitude to the Ordinary President.

The Ordinary President also gifts two young men a 100,000 naira to support them financially as he wishes them well. Afterwards, he took the case of a young family man who alleges that his intellectual property was stolen and gives detail of how it was his idea, his contact with the people and what happens afterwards until they discouraged him and took over the idea as theirs. In regards to this case, one of the accused calls into the program to explain his own side that after much said by both the complainant and the accused, the following Tuesday was chosen to be a day for a round table discussion to have the entire issue resolved.

Then the Ordinary President gives an opportunity to representatives of persons with disability and the federal competition and consumer protection commission to briefly speak on their organization and the services they render which they did to the hearing of the public. In advertising for some brekete family members, he gives them the chance to quickly speak on their products and services as he brings the program to a close.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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