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The program commenced with a sermon delivered by the Ordinary President, setting the tone for the program and following the sermon, the program delved into a distressing case update involving a woman who shared a grievous complaint about the harrowing experience her younger brother endured at the hands of some heartless individuals.

The woman recounted a traumatic incident involving her 17-year-old brother, a novice bike rider in Kaduna. On only his second day at work, he took two passengers to a specific village in Kaduna, where he became the victim of a horrifying assault. Shockingly, his assailants reportedly cut off his Penis in a secluded bush area. The complainant explained that it was through the grace of God that he managed to locate a gathering of people, who then rushed him to the hospital for immediate medical attention. When she brought the case to the Family, through the Ordinary President the boy was taken to the hospital and undergoes a surgery and they came to the studio to appreciate the Ordinary President as they young man is said to be recovering fully from the treatment.

During the program, they call a complainant named Solomon Bawa, who had been wrongly arrested and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Coincidentally, on the day he shared his narrative, the Minister of Interior Mr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo was present in the studio. The Minister pledged to provide him with financial assistance, committing to a sum of 5 million naira. Subsequently, 2.5 million naira was promptly sent to Solomon Bawa on his request, intended for the establishment of a business according to Solomon. The Ordinary President later contacted him to verify if he had received the money and to make it know that he had collected part of the money given to him by the Ordinary President.

The program then focus on a distressing case involving a woman who recounted an unfortunate incident. She shared that she and her husband were at home when he received a call to meet someone (a lady) at a specified location for a currency exchange transaction. Given her husband’s involvement in the money exchange business, he promptly left for the designated place. However, upon arrival, he discovered that the person he was supposed to meet was not there.

According to her narration, even the motorcycle bike rider expressed concern about the peculiar circumstances of the location. Regrettably, her husband was arrested. When she went to the police station to see him, she faced obstacles as authorities denied her access. Despite purchasing medication for him due to the evident signs of torture, she was still not permitted to attend to his needs. Shockingly, she was informed that a sum of 2.5 million naira was required for his release.

Surprisingly, the police, upon observing the man’s deteriorating condition, opted not to pursue the monetary demand further and released him. Unfortunately, the husband’s health continued to decline, and despite the woman’s ongoing efforts to care for him, he eventually succumbed to his death. So the ordinary president suggested they call the force PRO to tell him about the issue at hand but unfortunately, he didn’t pick up and he suggested they wait till he is able to reach out to the force PRO before he will send them to the Force Headquarters.

The program came to a close after acknowledging the presence of Dr. Otabor from Alliance Hospital, who delivered an insightful lecture on Hepatitis, diabetics and Hypertension. He comprehensively discussed the causes of these conditions and offered valuable insights into prevention and management strategies. Additionally, Dr. Otabor announced a community health initiative, stating that approximately 2000 individuals would receive free medical examinations for diabetics and hypertension.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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