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After a brief sermon given by the Ordinary President, the program began with the Ordinary President granting a woman the opportunity to announce her lost car saying she should return the following week with details of her car to give out more details to the public to enable her find her lost car then he supports another woman with some money to for her eye treatment.

Proceeding with the program, the Ordinary President takes the case of a woman who alleges that her grand son is missing, narrating how it happened. The Ordinary President then displays the picture of her missing son online to the view of the public so anyone with useful information would contact the brekete family and reunite him with his family. After this, the Ordinary President takes the case of a young lady who alleges to have paid 500,000 naira to a man to enable her secure a job with the Nigerian Civil Defense but she’ didn’t yet to get the job nor her money so she was handed over to Consultant Iyke to resolve the issue off air.

Then the program got paused to show a live coverage of a skating competition after which he attends to the case of a young lady who alleges to have paid money through her neighbor to a man to enable her secure a job with the ministry of health but unfortunately didn’t get the job nor a refund of the money she paid but after reporting the case to the brekete family that Consultant Iyke intervened, she was able to get back her money so she gives gratitude to the brekete family and the Ordinary President for helping her get justice despite her mistake.

Then the Ordinary President takes the case of an elderly man who alleges that he got deported from Mecca after 20 years of his stay in the country. Giving details of his background, he says how he lost his wife and all he had following his deportation from Saudi Arabia due to a paper he couldn’t present, he gets to Nigeria but have nobody subjecting him to poverty so the Ordinary President pledges to support him start a comfortable life in a northern state in Nigeria after his desire to start a charcoal or firewood business.

In bringing the program to a close, he quickly attends to the case of a young lady who alleges a pastor raped her and ran with her money so he tells her to return the following week so he continues with her case as he also gives room to another lady to advertise her product as he ends the program for the day.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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