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Consultant Iyke began with the sermon on “how to be a good finisher” listing out the stages to achieving this as the starting stage, continuation stage and finishing stage. He makes reference to a video to prove his point saying some do not finish due to distraction or discouragement. Then he speaks on why people procrastinate and find it difficult to finish, then some people in the studio contributes their opinion to this subject before Consultant Iyke outlines eight (8) strategies to put into consideration as (1) planning, (2) pattern of behavior i.e. keeping track of a task , (3) inspect what you expect, (4) set time line, (5) keep track of your progress, (6) commit to a realistic time, (7) absorb criticism, (8) get better at finishing small things to achieve the big goal.

Consultant Iyke proceeds with a case update of a group of men who allege that their premises (bazangwo community in kubwa) have been marked for a rail way garage and just recently, they got a notice to vacate the place in two days time, that they are yet to get due compensation so Consultant Iyke calls on air Dr. Jumai Ahmadu (Director, Reform Coordination and Service Improvement in the federal capital territory) to report the case which she responded to positively.

Consultant Iyke then features the brekete family partner (organizers of Agrivest reality TV show) who speaks extensively on the reality program starting during the weekend. Then Consultant Iyke receives a call from the Ordinary President who calls into the program to give the record of contributions made for a woman who calls into the program the previous day seeking financial support, after which he features some brekete family partners to briefly advertise their products.

Then is the case update of a man who alleged to have deposited an original 5,000 euros in the bank but upon withdrawal, got a fake 5,000 euros so consultant Iyke calls the bank lawyer on air but got no response so he advise that the complainant writes to EFCC and CBN officially.

Consultant Iyke takes the case of a woman who alleges to have paid a man for her sisters visa application which was given to her but after her sister traveled using the visa, she was deported because the visa is fake and reporting the issue to the police, she was told to pay a million naira to track the man which she said not to have. However, on hearing her sister is in town but not present in the studio, Consultant Iyke suspends her case until her sister appears in the studio. In bringing the program to a close, Consultant Iyke takes the case of a woman who alleges to have sold some food stuff to her hair customer and was paid for some yet owed for goods worth 250,000 naira that was delivered to the customer whom she allege have refused to pay her.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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