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This video recounts the traumatic experience of Mr. Emeka Ugwu, who claims to have been shot by a police officer while on his way home. Ugwu details the incident, explaining that he was returning from Life camp to his residence in Karmo when traffic congestion led some drivers to attempt using the wrong lane. This resulted in a roadblock, and amidst the chaos, a Mobile Police Officer (Mopol) allegedly emerged from his vehicle and began firing shots indiscriminately.

During the chaotic scene, Ugwu states that he was hit by a bullet, collapsing to the ground with no immediate assistance. It was only after a neighbor recognized him and informed his wife that he was able to be transported to a hospital. Ugwu claims that despite his wife’s pleas for justice at the Karmo police division, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) asserted that the implicated Mopol was not under their jurisdiction but from the force headquarters even though the said DPO sponsored his bill for his first treatment.

The complainant further elaborates on his efforts to seek justice for the harm inflicted upon him by the Mopol. In response to the narration, Consultant Iyke reaches out to a representative of the accused party to obtain their perspective on the case and explore possible avenues for securing justice for the injuries sustained by Mr. Ugwu.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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