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The video centers around a woman who has filed a complaint on behalf of both herself and her husband against a certain Mr. Abubakar. Their grievance stems from a long-standing relationship with Mr. Abubakar, whom they considered more like a son due to their close ties. However, this trust was shattered when they entrusted him with a portion of their investments, which notably included rams and cows.

The complainant, Mr. Ifeanyi, lamented that despite receiving warnings about Mr. Abubakar, he chose to overlook them and placed his faith in him because of their deep connection. The betrayal by Mr. Abubakar began when he requested Mr. Ifeanyi to collaborate on selling what they estimated to be 200 cows, with a total worth of 40 million naira. Mr. Abubakar alleged that he had already sold the livestock to a local government chairman but had yet to receive payment from the chairman, thus explaining his inability to return Mr. Ifeanyi’s money.

Upon further investigation by the Brekete Family, it came to light that Mr. Abubakar had never actually acquired any rams or cows. Instead, it was revealed that he had been deceitfully extorting money from the trusting couple.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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