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The man in this video sits to narrate a pathetic experience of how his inheritance is hijacked from him. He alleged to have gotten a huge plot of land from his grandfather who got it from the government with the paper of allocation as an evidence to show for it. According to him, on one occasion he traveled to his village in honor of someone they lost, he had an accident on his return from the journey and afterwards, fell sick. He said during his recovery, his cousin brother told him of an encroachment in his grandfather’s land which he claims to have no idea about and after asking questions, he realized one Mr. Danladi from the community had sold the land to some Chinese people.

Reporting the case to the police, he said the police had been trying to settle the case between him and Mr. Danladi but to no avail as Mr Danladi makes excuses to absent himself from the police station. He said after weeks of Danladi refusing to go to the station, Danladi’s brother called him saying Danladi seeks to see him to settle the land matter which he concurred to going with some witness but seeing the witness, Danladi refuses to settle anything with him having witness to the settlement. According to him, he also said the district head called him again the following day to settle them but first asking him to withdraw the case from the police station to settle the land dispute.

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The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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