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The Case of Those Who Worked at Venus Mining and Quarry

This video records a touching story of Nigerian workers suffering as victims of injustice by foreigners living in Nigeria. Beginning with how Nigerians suffered severe injury including the lose of lives, the complainants who allege to be workers of Venus Mining and Quarry Company owned by Chinese men narrates how many workers have lost their lives and some rendered invalid. Recounting inhuman treatment suffered by Nigerians in the hands of the Chinese men, and what they get as compensation. 

One of the victim speaks of a union organized by fellow Nigerians to support the rights of the Nigerian workers but also exposes that it only exist for selfish interest narrating how the union serves as a medium to make money. The human rights radio station being their last hope is where they run to seeking for justice.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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