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These Men Got Blind While at Work: See Why

This video covers a heart wrenching story of two men who went blind on one eye while on duty. According to the men, they alleged to have worked as a security personnel for  the Julius Berger company where the incident happened.

The first man narrates his experience, stating he had gotten a certificate of fitting confirming he was all fit before he started working for the company until one day when a trailer came to offload some goods close to where he was standing and as the security guard there, something got into his eye that made the company refer him to their clinic where the eye became damaged as he got little treatment. When he went to a hospital for proper treatment, it was too late to treat his eye because of the damage.

The second man recounts his experience on how he was attacked by robbers while on duty in the same company. His effort to stop them caused the attack against him as the robbers ganged up and poured sand into his eye resulting to the damage despite his effort to get it treated. They now seek help/justice as the company doesn’t seem to have taken full responsibility for the damages, nor have they been duly compensated.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Ordinary Ahmad Isah

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